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Last week The Informer ran an article entitled “Tucker, Andrews and Old Campus Improvements lack building committees,” based upon research from the College’s official website. After talking with vice president for administration Anna Martin, we discovered the article contained several errors in its final paragraph, which stated that “While building committees will probably be formed for Andrews, Tucker, Martin Stadium and the restorations and renovations to the Utilities on Old Campus once funding comes in from the state, no progress can be made into (sic) these important projects until our administration and our campus get the official go-ahead from the state government in Richmond.” In this article, we’ll clarify the status of all the building projects mentioned as well as answer some other questions about building projects in general.

VAI: Is there a foundation in place so that if we receive funding from the state tomorrow hypothetically could we start building tomorrow? (Tucker, Andrews, Martin Family Stadium) Can building move forward if we got money from the state to finish one of these projects without a building committee?

Anna Martin:

I read the Informer Article of just a few days ago about this subject. It had many misunderstandings in it…I just wanted to let you know of some misinformation in your article titled “Tucker, Andrews and Old Campus Improvements lack building committees.”

Andrews was a minor renovation for which funds were received many years ago. There were two phases to the renovation. Phase I was completed last summer and Phase II will occur this summer. There was no need for a building committee given the level of renovation. No further state approval is needed.

Tucker Hall has been designed. A building committee has been in place for several years and the committee oversaw the design. Funding for the development of the working drawings and for construction will be released by the State on July 1 and the project will proceed.

Martin Stadium is fully funded with private funds and is complete. It was dedicated last Saturday, April 16. It did not require State approval. It was done under our restructuring authority which required Board of Visitor approval.

The Old Campus utility project has been underway for several years. It will be completed in the summer of 2012. It is fully funded. Building Committees are not necessary for utility projects.

To sum up, progress is being made on all these projects and one is completed. We are not waiting for further approvals.

VAI: Is there a system in place where certain building projects get a priority over others?
Martin: The College has a six-year capital plan that sets the priorities for construction and renovation projects.

VAI: What proposed building projects do you see most likely to get funding this next General Assembly session?
Martin: The General Assembly looks to our capital plan priorities. The next project likely to be funded is Phase III of the Integrated Science Center.

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