The Virginia Informer is an independent, non-partisan, student-run publication devoted to reporting the news to the William and Mary community. We exist to provide an alternative to school sponsored news sources. We do not, and never will, receive any financial support from the College of William and Mary. We will not shy away from controversy or be afraid to challenge the norm. We strive to inform and engage our readers via responsible journalism and in-depth reporting, while fostering and giving voice to opinions that are often shut out by the campus establishment.

The Virginia Informer Online (VIO) acts as an extension of this mission. Not only does VIO contain all of The Informer’s print content, it features online exclusives including blogs and interactive features. And because The Informer is a biweekly publication, VIO will always cover news and events between printings with the same hard-hitting, responsible, common sense journalism for which we always strive. The Virginia Informer and VIO act in unison to provide the best and only independent source of news, features and informed opinion at the College of William and Mary — both in print and online.