Action Without Purpose

Action is a part of being a student in college. Many students here are passionate advocates for whatever cause they believe in, whether it is student rights, helping the poor in foreign countries, engaging in community service, and yes, even supporting living wages.

Personally, I am a cynic. I have spent my time here being critical of nearly every aspect of the college’s administration. However, I am critical because I think that if some things are changed that the college can be a better place. I, like most, am only critical because I think we can do things better.

However, with our advocacy also comes responsibility. This is something in my time here I have taken to heart. There is a right way and a wrong way to do something and the LWC has chosen poorly. In my time here I have been an advocate for many things ranging from the Charter Day Concert to working with the honor council on reforms. Sometimes, I have gotten aggressive, but have never lost sight of doing what is best for the institution.

The right way is by scheduling meetings first and be willing to compromise. The wrong way is probably still sitting in Reveley’s office.

In all our advocacy, we all believe things very strongly, but in our advocacy we are reflecting on the College, rightly or wrongly. Sometimes theatrics are necessary, but we must remember that not everyone agrees. Just because you have the right to do something does not mean you should.

I have advocated for a lot of things, and I find that I get the best results when I approach an administrator with something tangible and offer a plausible solution, if not several. In advocating for our causes we must never forget there are two sides and things are like they are for a reason. In order to advocate effectively we all have a responsibility to have answers.

How people go about actions also effects causes. In my experience here I have found meetings with an administrator one on one yields results; one cannot expect ruckus first, talk later to yield anything of substance. Perhaps if the LWC talked first, the workers would have cheaper parking passes, small yearly bonuses, subsidized bus fare here, or even the ability to take more than one class for free. We will never know now because how one conduct business affects the outcome.

Be a critic, but when being critical, be poignant. Without answers, solutions, or ethical action we are left having action without purpose.

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