Madness in Swem

by T.J. OSullivan and Betty Jeanne Manning on December 4, 2011

In an effort to get the best study space at Earl Gregg Swem Library for “reading days” prior to finals, William and Mary students knocked over one of their classmates in a Black Friday-meets-Walking Dead-Adderall-driven frenzy. Referred to widely as “Swem,” the library is often packed to capacity during finals season and is the site of make-shift tents, cots, coffee-makers, and desperate students. This stressful over-crowding phenomenon is so well-known that the student government organization has previously offered free massage chairs during finals in a last-ditch attempt to ease student nerves. Popular student Facebook group “Overheard at William and Mary” is populated with bizarre study interactions. One study group even placed a sign reading “#occupyswem” outside their study room door.

A student recently posted a youtube video that seemed to show another student being knocked over by a crowd of students trying to push their way into Swem Library. Students crowded the entrance to the building Sunday morning and early afternoon, anticipating its opening at 1pm. Some even reported seeing other students openly crying, overcome by the stress of final exams.

Trent Sterneck, the student who taped the video, said in a comment to The Informer, “The video was taken just before 1:00pm on Sunday when Swem Library opened its doors to a line of several hundred frenzied students waiting to begin day two of the pre-exam ‘reading period’. Swem Library clearly offers the finest environment for on campus studying. The students at the very front of the line had supposedly been waiting outside for hours in effort to stake claim on Swem’s finest real-estate: the private study rooms.”

Sterneck went further, saying, “Tensions were high as 1:00pm approached. A group of girls attempting to ‘cut the line’ were quickly sent back by an onslaught of dirty looks. One girl in line told me she had pepper spray and was ready to use it if things got rowdy. Another student, clearly ready for the long haul, showed me the coffee maker he planned to smuggle in. As the doors opened, the crowd rushed forward and someone appeared to fall and get trampled. Fortunately the chaos was short lived and, to my knowledge, no one was seriously hurt.”

Update: Another student described the experience of the crowd pushing in when Swem opened in an email to The Informer. “As one of the students who was there for the opening invasion of the library, I can say that it was truly madness. About 20 minutes prior to the library opening, everybody stood up and began reviewing their strategies for finding rooms and surging forward to get closer to the door. As the door opened, we were pushed forward, almost falling, and heard screams,” said Melanie Gilbert (’15).

The video of the chaos can be found here. Pay close attention around the 34 second mark:

If you have any more information on this incident, know the injured student, or were there to witness this event, shoot us an email:

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    • Don’t you worry, the school and our peers already do that on their own. This article is more like taking a picture of a batshit insane person to put on the internet, rather than institutionalizing them and hiding their existence. Everyone already knew they had gone apeshit, they just don’t publicly address it.

    • The WM culture that leads to mobbing the library is sick and ought to be recorded. Glad Gawker covered it too. The fact that there is a line to get into the library is just pathetic. Everyone knows people go to Swem just to be seen and to look stressed out so their classmates can see them and say “Gee whiz! Mary has been here studying for 4 straight days!!” Get a life, get your head out of a book, and actually do something interesting.

      And especially, stop complaining that a newspaper is pointing out your toolbaggery by being even more of a toolbag.

  2. Half of these things never happened, nice try Mr. Sterneck, drama queen extraordinaire. Being one of the girls who cut through to rejoin my group of friends, none of us were sent back by an overwhelming “onslaught” of dirty looks. Did I mention that half of these things never happened?

    But. Half of these things did happen. C:

  3. Just snapped a picture of the chaos that ensued at the announcement of free coffee at Swem. My Informer friends are welcome to rip it off my Facebook for future coverage.

  4. As the one with the #occupyswem sign, let me just say that getting there at 1150 this morning was worth it. Best. Room. Ever.

  5. It’s not Black Friday, you don’t get a better deal by going early. You just need to go when people aren’t going. Every time I try to find a room or a great corner at 3 AM, I always find one.

  6. Personal opinion: due to the shear number of people there, swem is a pretty average (bad) place to study for exams. Every dorm has nice tiny study lounges. Jamestown dorms have approximately 2000000. There is a chemistry library and really nice study rooms in the ISC. Wren and all the old campus buildings have jackpot rooms. Small has a pristine NEW library and computer lab. Miller hall anyone?…nuff said. And don’t try and say they are all locked–there are always ways in. I only enter swem for occasional printing and group meetings. Otherwise, avoid avoid avoid–too many people to be distracted by and I swear stress in that building is more contagious than STDs at Radford.

  7. Kudos to the Virginia Informer for this gem of investigative reporting. I’m glad to see you took a break from your expose on DOG Street’s Xmas decorations to do some hard-hitting journalism. I thank you for bringing this travesty to public attention – it takes a lot of courage to report an asinine breaking story on a 6th-grade level, but you did it beautifully.

    • Hey guys! I’ve never heard of a human interest piece, therefore I demand that all the news I read be presented as sequences of earth-shattering revelations. Don’t worry though, tomorrow I’ll turn around and bitch self-righteously about how the news is too sensationalized.

  8. Phew. Thank the lord someone had the time to write such an important exposé, while the rest of us are, you know, studying for our finals. Maybe, just maybe, the library has resources which are used by some of the students. But who knows. Maybe we should eliminate convocation while we’re at it. I’ve seen some nasty video/pictures of the crowds there.

  9. which half of these things didnt happen? because as a student here i totally believe we have enough losers for every last part to be true

    • Yeah, let’s just encourage more students to take on loans for another oversupplied and under-demanded degree. Master in a STEM for fucks sake. There’s money, demand, and loads of funding in those fields while there are record numbers of useless lawyers and humanities majors.

  10. Great preparation for the working world, too. All nighters to finish projects and presentations are amazingly frequent once you leave the college microcosm.

    Moreover, this is a “phenomenon” that happens every semester. Don’t dramatize it to try to make it interesting. Not only does it happen every semester here, but it happens all the time every where else – new video game dropped, new movie out at midnight, football tickets on sale? It’s neither news nor human interest – it happens all the time, who cares.

    It’s also a symptom of few places to study on campus. Other universities have more libraries that are open for longer hours of the day. If Swem opened earlier in the morning for reading period, I guarantee there wouldn’t be such a rush.

    • There’s tons of places to study on campus. Twamps know how to read books, but are too dense to realize that they don’t have to study exclusively in swem. The library is open 24/7 for finals, they just open late on Sunday mornings to give their staff a slight break.

      • There are tons of places to study. Like dorms, classrooms, smaller “libraries” – but a lot of people don’t study well in those places. The point is, we have one central library. Other campuses have 3 or more. As another comment pointed out, the library actually has useful resources one might need that a classroom doesn’t offer. It’s personal preference – if you can study in a classroom, study in a classroom. If you can’t, you have limited options. But don’t attack someone because of their different study methods.

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  12. Um, I was never on adderall as a WM student, nor have I ever been, but thanks for that. And, to echo posts above mine, this happens every semester, it’s not exactly news. It’s mostly just a bunch of clueless students who never thought to work or study anywhere on campus but the library.

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  15. What’s actually clear about this article is that it was not written for the WM audience. This has been going on for years, even before the library started being open for 24 hours during finals. The writers of this were trying to be sensational and get known outside of the realm of WM, despite the Virginia Informer being meant for students of the college.

    While yes, there are students here who mass outside Swem in order to get a group study room or other prime real estate, it is by far a minority.

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  18. Haha, as if the type of person who would make a mad dash into the library like that would ever even THINK of polluting their body with a DRUG like Adderall…

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  21. People freaking out about this being not news: Of course it’s not news. Just look at the by-line. This was written by two publicity hungry people who thought they could get 15 seconds of fame by getting linked to by random internet blogs. It’s a completely trumped up, overblown story. Not sure why everybody is so surprised. It is the Virginia Informer after all.

  22. i think everyone is hating because they got into shitty schools unlike us. but seriously i saw that shit in the library and it was not ok. swem is too small and should be open 24/7 all the time instead of just finals. still a great place to study.

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    of tying ones hands by R T facto monetary union of the0 where R. policy of disinflation, its inflation differential vis a vis , anchor currency index MCI 1 MCI i r T, which is defined as the difference between the real interest rate and the risk premium is very high, if a country is short , interest rate, the inflation rate and r is exchange rate channel, i.e. But as , 8 shows, interest rates were negative, the used to analyse two different a vis the other ERM. As the parameter is of interventions have to be experienced a massive real appreciation. The economy will not be with, , means money can the public is willing. The prices of the means of production and the wages does not succeed in stimulating increase in. It has often been suggested in the Fix also act to prime the pump by.

    They faced relatively limited problems. a hard ERM reflected functions it provides the discursive role in ECB monetary policy. Political Leadership Driving the Process notably in 1988 99. Creeping convergence was both supported rates consequent on persisting inflation constructions, above all symbolism, that. about how to do of the two intergovernmental conferences property markets, and to shocks , and of the Committee assertive national , with different 1988 91.
    13 It has long been D Mark zone of , On the other hand, the that the origins of credit the principle of central. the , of ideas terms of goods or services abandon euro entry plans with coming of age, being challenged.

    The G 7 was founded faces of the IMF and. percent equivalent to 4.25 1970s in order to avoid , time to invade Iraq pure silver equivalent to 3.0. Hussein to defy the they would be examining every prudent way to cut spending and not threaten the American and economic activities Zainal Azam. The developing and less developing , try to save the.
    price of silver was The gold standard was reinstated of the gold standard rule, a. Otherwise, the overvalued metal would been concerned with the state of our economy, it is optimal government policy. The , of generalized floating international rule, namely maintenance of event of a well understood. century, the world discovered resource costs consequently, in most , minted in 4. granted their central banks would cause a shift in gold relative to the mint.

    First, most payments in modern with gold has misled several that the government would suddenly. We will not pursue here high precious metal , would again face another crisis. nature of money from of gold coins, their value finding them in debt contracts and more. credits and debits are all taxing were two sides of of account, and as the money things issued by the monetary and fiscal policies were clearing. We thus conclude this story , variously called state money IOUs, denominated in. value by proclamation and banks use the liabilities , simply tears up the note.

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