CBS News covers asparagus mascot proposal

by Steven Nelson on April 22, 2009

Today the CBS News Sports division covered the contest occurring at William and Mary for the selection of a new mascot. In an article titled “William and Mary mascot ideas include asparagus” posted online, the major news division mentions the vast variety of input the College has received regarding a new mascot.

William and Mary students Brandon Bleakley (’12) and Carl Rudebusch (’12) developed the idea for the asparagus mascot and created a facebook group to advocate for its selection. The group currently has around 130 members and contains a fictious timeline of the vegetable’s significance to the school, including, “1783 – 1829 George Wythe designs a seal for the College with the ASPARAGUS on it.”

Students and community members have advocated for various proposals, including several transparently insincere options including “W&M murder” and others. One of the most frequently cited options for a new mascot has been the phoenix, a mythical bird, to represent the various trails that William and Mary has overcome in its long history. Mascot proposals can be submitted to the selection committee by June 30.

Editor’s note: Brandon Bleakley currently serves as The Informer’s Assistant Business Editor

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