College flooded with its newest generation

The hundreds of tour groups and seemingly endless line at Aroma’s indicated that once again, Admitted Students day was upon us. Williamsburg was overrun Saturday by thousands of admitted students and their families visiting campus, deciding once and for all whether the Tribe was for them.

Hundreds of the incoming class of 2015 and transfers came to visit their future home, exploring the campus and taking part in a number of activities set up by the College, including tours, student panels, parent panels, a performance showcase and an activities fair. The activities fair, which took place in William and May Hall, was packed with student organizations recruiting for the upcoming year. Incoming students strolled between tables advertising organizations from the Vietnamese Students Association to the Swing Dance club, asking questions, and putting down their emails for any club that interested them.

“I can’t wait for next year,” Nadia Asmal exclaimed, “I can’t believe I’m finally going to college, this is all so surreal!”

The incoming class of 1,450 students has been chosen from a pool of 12,800 applicants, the largest in the College’s history. Dean of Admission Henry Broaddus expressed his pleasure with the class of 2015 praising its diversity, with an increase in the number of students of color and first generation college students, as well as an increase in the number of legacies.

“The campus is just so pretty,” one mother gushed, “It’s very comforting to be able to come here and see where she will be living next year, to see where she’ll be going to class and meet the people she will be meeting.”

“Admitted students’ day at William & Mary is a make it or break it experience for prospective students,” Kylee Ponder (’12) explained, “if we can show them the beauty of William & Mary and make them excited to come here on admitted students’ day, then that finalizes their decision to become a member of the Tribe.”

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