Exhibition by Bettina Flitner on display at Muscarelle

An exhibition entitled “After the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Report from No Man’s Land” is currently on display at the Muscarelle Museum of Art. The exhibition displays 46 photographs and an essay that explores the changes in the lives of people in Berlin’s former death strip, a place known as “No Man’s Land” after the descent of the Berlin Wall. The fall of the wall, beginning in 1989 marked the conclusion of an ideological divide between communism and capitalism.  West Germany upheld the ideals of democracy and flourished and prospered under the free economic system, while East Germany’s internal structure was crumbling under the grasp of communism. Flitner displays the difficulty that some Germans faced in having to rebuild their life without borders. The Muscarelle Museum is located on Jamestown Road in Williamsburg, VA and is open every day of the week except Monday. Admission is free for all William and Mary staff, students, and faculty.

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