Tucker, Andrews, and Old Campus improvements lack building committees

According to William and Mary’s website, there are currently 6 building projects that are currently in construction on campus, these do not include the proposed building plans for a new Arts Complex, new Fraternity Housing, and Tribe Square. The six projects listed on the colleges website are the renovation of Tucker, Small, and Andrews halls, the construction of the third phase of the Integrated Science Center, the Martin Family Stadium, and improvements to Old Campus’ utilities as well as the installation of a cooling plant. However, only Small Hall and the Integrated Science Center have building committees in place to help with the development and construction of the campus building projects.

Randy Strickland is listed as the project manager for the Integrated Science Center project. Mark Brabham is listed as the Project Manager for the renovation of Small Hall. Vice President for Administration Anna Martin is listed as being a part of both building committees. Provost Michael Halleran is listed as being of the ISC building committee, along with Vice Provost Dennis Manos. The full list of those on the ISC building committee can be found at http://www.wm.edu/about/administration/senioradmin/adminoffice/construction/projects/isc/index.php. The full list of those on the Small Hall renovation building committee can be found at http://www.wm.edu/about/administration/senioradmin/adminoffice/construction/projects/small/index.php

The implications of this information is that there is no system or organization in place if the state legislature passed budgets to fund projects like Tucker, Andrews, etc. quickly through this session of the General Assembly. In addition, the Integrated Science Center Phase 3 project in all likelihood only has a committee for it to be in place for overseeing the construction of the other 2 phases which were built recently. While building committees will probably be formed for Andrews, Tucker, Martin Stadium, and the restorations and renovations to the Utilities to Old Campus once funding comes in from the state, no progress can be made into these important projects until our administration and our campus get the official go-ahead from the state government in Richmond.

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